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First-Rate University Paper Writing Assistance

Writer-services.com is an easy-to-use and reliable service providing writing help to students at all levels of study. If you’re desperately overwhelmed with your academic workload, we are here to assist you. At our essay writing company, you’re welcome to join hundreds of university students who, when faced with challenging academic assignments, turn to our writers. With the customer satisfaction rate equaling 8.5 out of 10 we guarantee on-time delivery of a quality university term paper following any specific requirements you lay out. We won’t leave you one on one with your assignment.

What Do We Have to Offer?
  • Reasonable approach to pricing and payment;
  • Free checks for unoriginal content;
  • Authors with expert knowledge across a wide range of disciplines of academic curriculum;
  • Money back guarantee;
  • 24/7 online support;
  • Free revision (according to our revision policy);
  • Native English-speaking authors (for an extra fee).
Progressive Delivery Service
  • Pay for your order in parts;
  • Receive your academic paper part by part;
  • Make a schedule for your writer;
  • Make amendments before your paper is finished;
  • A chance to make closer communication with your author;
  • A chance to ensure the writer actually understands all your requirements;
  • Available for a relatively small fee (10%).

The sample paper you buy from us will help you generate ideas and create your own piece of writing. You get a precise example of a quality academic paper on your topic, which you may use as a source of citations, facts, diagrams, research etc. You’ll discover that you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone or sacrifice other, more important goals, to complete writing assignments.

Is the Time Frame for Your Order Realistic?

One very important consideration while setting the deadline is whether it is actually possible to complete the assignment before the due date. For a student with good writing skills completing a term paper requires not less than two weeks provided he has no other assignments, is not busy with job or family responsibilities. In case your professor hasn’t explained you how the research work should be done it takes even more time. However, an experienced author typically needs much less time to produce the paper. Many of our writers are capable of handling rush orders and delivering quality work within a relatively short time frame every time they receive ‘please, write my paper for me’ request. Just place your order and see for yourself!

Plagiarism Detection Software

Each academic work we write is checked for potential unoriginal content. Before the term paper is delivered to your order page, our editor subjects it to a thorough analysis. Anti-plagiarism test is an important part of this analysis. For this purpose, we have developed our own plagiarism-prevention software that tests academic works against texts in the Internet, as well as against the database containing all the papers that were written by our authors before. Typically, papers contain either no plagiarism at all or around 1% of plagiarism, which can be accounted for as a mere coincidence of phrase.

How Can You Make Sure You Hire a Quality Author?

If it is the first time you purchase a custom paper from us, you probably want to know how to test your author before you commission him or her. In this case, we offer you Samples service. It gives you a chance to ensure that your writer’s style meets your expectations. It is very simple and easy-to-use. For a fee of $5 you get three pages extracted from your author’s previous orders. You have 2 hours to read the texts carefully and decide whether you are going to collaborate with this expert. If not, you have a chance to test two more authors. Samples service lets you change writers up to three times on one order, when you’re buying an essay.