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Expository Speech

Speech-writing differs from all other types of academic writing. Unlike essays and research making, it utilizes two elements at once – providing research and affecting the audience. In this type of paper, it’s vital not only to present an idea, but also to provide a careful study of it. The final stage is to present your point of view and support it with the help of suitable arguments. Additionally, you have to follow the structure of an academic speech while obeying its rules.

So, here are a couple of steps that will make your academic work simple:

  • Closely examine the topic on which you have to present.
  • Consider relevant sources and try to select suitable information about the issue.
  • Write down the main ideas. They will serve as an outline for composing your speech.
  • Develop sound arguments.
  • Avoid minor, unimportant facts as they may distract the audience’s attention from the massage in your speech.
  • Draw reasonable conclusions.
  • Practice before you speak in front of an audience.
  • Stay confident by preparing to answer questions.
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