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Personal Speech

Presenting a personal speech is a great way to share some of your own experience or views with a wide audience. However, how does one make it successful? The first thing to know about this kind of speech is that if fully reflects the speaker’s point of view and is, therefore, subjective. Thus, presenting a detailed analysis of the facts is not necessary when dealing with this type of a writing assignment.

The issue you are going to speak about can be varied:

  • the person you admire;
  • your best friend;
  • experience in visiting a foreign country;
  • the happiest\saddest moment in your life.

The second feature of this type of academic speech is that it’s not only conveys a message but is also emotionally colored. What emotion you select is up to you, but you have a wide pallet from which to choose. Figure out what sort of emotion should be dominant in your speech. By choosing the right tone for personal speeches, you will create a connection with the audience. In turn, it’s important to get audience feedback on it.

When complete the writing for an academic speech, do so step by step:

  • Decide what facts and information you want to include.
  • Arrange the message logically.
  • Choose the right tone for your message.
  • Spend some time in practicing before you present.

If you complete the assignment in this manner, the chances are that your speech will be very good!

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