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Perfect Samples for Your Technology Term Paper Support

Is it a good idea for me to buy a custom example of my technology term paper? It surely is in case it comes from Writer-services.com. We deal with any type my projects before the final terms (in 95% of cases) and ensure that the piece is plagiarism-free (the copy-paste rate is 1% only). Eventually, you are delivered a text with perfect spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Your PI and How We Use It

As you browse the website, fill in an order form or make an online money transfer, some of your personal information is automatically collected (name and address, e-mail and phone numbers, order details, problem reports and information requests, IP-address, access time, etc.). At our paper writing service, we promise not to distribute it or share with third parties. The gathered data is used only to improve the Writer-services.com service, your browsing and ordering experience.

To be more specific, it allows us to:

  • Customize the layout and content of the page;
  • Provide all expected features and services;
  • Improve the content of the resource;
  • Ensure internal record keeping, accounting, and billing;
  • Inform of any changes before they actually come into action;
  • Respond to all requests, complaints, and inquiries.

At Writer-services.com, your personal data isn’t disclosed to advertisers when you place your ‘write my essays’ order. Yet we may share the aggregate info like on the number of clicked advertisements (age or sex of clients, who clicked, etc.).

Revision Policy at Writer-services.com

Though we are proud of our high quality rate (8.5 out of 10), we realize there may be customers, who are not completely satisfied with the papers and believe that they are to be revised to get more improved. This is why the company offers free revision assistance when a request is made. You won’t need to pay to do a check if the application meets our terms.

Firstly, an inquiry is to be submitted via a Request Revision button. Find it on your Personal Order page. Secondly, make sure that no new instructions that could conflict with the previous ones are uploaded. Thirdly, check whether the deadline allows free revisions: you won’t need to pay for help if an application is sent before the confirmation or within 7 days after it (21 days for texts with Progressive Delivery assigned).

At Writer-services.com, we hold the rights to extend the final terms in case of a writer’s request and only if the time frame allows this sort of an extension. If you choose to switch a freelancer, the agency adds extra 12 hours to the deadline.

Social Responsibility on the Misuse of Delivered Content

Every day we are asked to write original models on different topics. In some cases, a customer may misuse the research material and this often leads to an unearned or fake degree. After acknowledging such situations, we have made a list of areas where such a misuse also poses a threat to life and health of people, violates rights or influences real-world professional situations:

  • Medicine;
  • Medical Sciences (Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology);
  • Nutrition and Dietary;
  • Nursing;
  • Health Care;
  • Engineering (Civil Engineering);
  • Criminal Justice and Criminal Law;
  • Aviation;
  • Architecture;
  • Planning and Building.

We keep completing the list. Today, Abortion and Gay Marriage are controversial topics that are added to it. Before you ask for a do my example help for sale, check whether your topic is on the list. When Writer-services.com receives a write my request on any of them, we resign it and issue a complete refund.

We know how tough it is to start writing a decent assignment if you lack knowledge and time. We do realize that a purchase of a sample may arise many questions especially when it is affordable. However, we want to ensure you that with our cheap help your academic work will be one of the best a professor has ever seen. And you will surely come back for our reliable support over and over again every time you need to buy an essays.